Yermolova Nataliia
Ukraine, Irpen
Tel: +38 (068) 691-01-33


The free kittens currently in the nursery there.


The next kittens are planned for May

♥Kittens from a pair: Adeliya и Hamer♥

DOB: 02.11.2021 

♥ Kittens were born to Shanel and Hamera ♥
3 boys and 1 girl

Plans for the birth of the following Kittens


At the end of June from the couple:

♥Uslada и Hamer♥


In early July, from a couple:

♥ Sonya and Hamer ♥




♥ Kittens were born to Alisa and Hamera ♥
2 boys and 1 girl

♥Kittens from a pair: Kasablanka и Hamer♥

DOB: 03.25.2021 

♥ Kittens were born to Faina and Hamera
DOB: 05/06/2021
  2 boys and 1 girl